Recent Tutorials and Articles
    Microservices Tutorials
    This tutorial will talk about basics of Microservices and other concerns that need to be addressed to make Microservices a success.
    This tutorial will get you started with Spring Boot by helping you develop JAX-RS based REST services.
    This tutorial will provide you with steps to create Spring Web based REST services using Spring Boot.
    This tutorial will demonstrate service tracing using ZipKin in services developed on Spring Boot.
    This tutorial describes how to add and visualize method level information to ZipKin using Spring Boot, Spring AOP, Spring Sleuth and Spring Cloud.
    This article explains how to map custom Spring Boot Actuator endpoints to custom path in Spring Boot 1.x.x and 2.x.x
    This tutorial describes how to expose custom attributes to info endpoint of Spring Boot 2.x.x Actuator.
    This article describes how to customize log levels using management endpoint and properties file in Spring Boot applications.
    This tutorial will describe how to use profiles to manage loading of properties file in Spring Boot.
    This tutorial demonstrates how to active a profile when a related profile is actived in Spring Boot.
    This tutorial demonstrates how to override the active profile from command line arguments in Spring Boot Integration Tests